Moringa Oleifera Tree

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Moringa oleifera tree: A Food Plant with Multiple Medicinal Uses

WHO/FAO recommend the following Moringa daily allowances

There are fourteen known species of trees belonging to the genusMoringaceae. Moringa stenopetala is native to Ethiopia and northern Kenya. M. peregrina is found in the Sudan, Egypt, the Arabian peninsula and as far north as the Dead Sea. M. ovalifoliagrows in Angola and Namibia. However, the best known member of the genus is Moringa oleifera, a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree native to sub-Himalayan tracts of northern India but now distributed world-wide in the tropics and sub-tropics.

Moringa oleifera tree belongs to a onogeneric family of shrubs and tree, Moringaceae and is considered to have its origin in the northwest region of India, south of the Himalayan Mountains. Although the name „Shigon“ for Moringa oleifera tree is mentioned in the „Shushruta Sanhita“ which was written in the beginning of the first century A.D., there is evidence that the cultivation of the Moringa tree in India dates back many thousands of years. The Indians knew that the Moringa tree seeds contain edible oil and they used the moringa seeds for medicinal purposes. It is probable that the common people also knew of its value as a fodder or vegetable. The Moringa tree can be found growing naturally at elevations of up to 1,000 m above sea level. It can grow well on hillsides but is more frequently found growing on pastureland or in river basins. Moringa is a fast growing tree and has been found to grow to 6 — 7 m in one year in areas receiving less than 400 mm mean annual rainfall

Moringa is one of the most useful tropical trees. The relative ease with which it propagates through both sexual and asexual means and its low demand for soil nutrients and water after being planted make its production and management easy. Introduction of this plant into a farm which has a biodiverse

Moringa leaves or leaf powder can be used successfully as a suplement food to nourish small children, pregnant or nursing women, and of course, anybody else

Because of its many valuable uses, and the fact that it grows so quickly and easily in semi-arid, tropical, and subtropical climates, Moringa tree is quickly becoming a go-to plant for combating malnutrition, treating inflammation, promoting healthy blood flow, and preventing infection, among other things.

Moringa Oleifera – The Ideal Food For Obese And Malnourished
Moringa oleifera is extremely rich in vital nutrients and, can grow very fast in dry and impoverished areas of the world, where food is scarce. Moringa was used as a medicinal plant, since ancient times, known to heal and ease many diseases: from various inflammations to parasitic diseases, diabetes and cancer. In more recent times, Moringa has gained notoriety as a very nutritious plant that can feed the needy and, in fact, save lives. Moringa leaves or leaf powder can be used successfully as a suplement food to nourish small children, pregnant or nursing women, and of course, anybody else


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