Die Deutschen – Die Wege der Deutschen

this is a subbed video of the video „Die Wege der Deutschen“. It´s a compilation of all 20 parts from the series „Die Deutschen“ in ca. 1,5 hours. The single parts are usually 45 min. long, so this compilation is more like an overview, if you wanna know each person and story in detail, you have to watch the original parts. Since it takes a lot of time to sub them, I´m not sure if I will do more than this one.

I know that my English is not perfect, and that I did surely a lot of mistakes, but I hope nontheless that you can understand most of it and enjoy it :) Sadly Youtube downgraded the quality to 360p, tho the original video has a much much higher quality, but it´s enough I think.

However you can find all parts in German here:


This nice guy translated some of the parts into English:



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